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Corrugated steel pipe also called corrugated pipe culvert or corrugated metal pipe refers to the screw corrugated pipe buried in the road or under the railway culvert. It is circular corrugated pipe that composed of corrugated metal coils or semi-circular corrugated steel sheet. Its application has been extended to road culverts, underpasses, bridges, water seepage wells, temporary pavement, old bridges and culverts repairing, municipal drainage ditch, municipal utility tunnel, mine conveying pipes and other fields. According to the applications of corrugated steel pipe at home and abroad, it has a good applicable capacity and a promising future due to its features.

Corrugated steel pipe advantages
Real engineering cost is lower than the similar span bridge, culvert
Short construction periods, mainly for assembling construction
Use of standardized design, production, simple design and short production cycle
Production is not affected by environment. Large-scale factory production, lower costs, quality control
Installation without the use of large equipment, convenient installation
Reduction of cement, gravel, sand and other pieces of rubble or dosage, is favorable for environmental protection
Be helpful for improving soft soil, expansive soil, collapsible loess and other special foundation structures of uneven settlement problem, improve the road service performance, reduce post-construction maintenance cost
Solve the problem of cold northern regions (Frost) on the destruction of the bridge concrete structures
Optional coatings
We can provide corrugated steel pipe of a service life from 25 to over 100 years. It can be galvanized (25 years), aluminized (75 years), asphalted, and polymer-laminated (100 years). Your choice of coatings depends on the soil conditions and other site or application factors. To meet your design service life requirement it is necessary to have an environmental assessment.

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